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Introduction to shipping

Shipping lets you add shipping Methods to your webshop. You can add any number of shipping methods you want. Here you can also add what address each orders is send from (the return address).

For each shipping method you can add rules. Rules can be based on either the total order amount or total order weight. This gives you the option to differentiate the price for each shipping method e.g. a higher price the higher the total weight of an order or give free shipping if the total order amount passes a certain amount.  

If you do not add any shipping methods, your customers will not be able to choose a delivery method at checkout.

How to add shipping methods and free shipping to your webshop?

From your shop administration page press “Shop” and then “Shipping”. 
There might already be some delivery options, but you can always add more and delete. 

To add a new shipping method press “Add Method”.  


Now you have to enter your shipping method information. Start by naming your method (e.g. DHL, DAO, Postnord, GLS, Bring etc.).

Then add description (e.g. To the door, To drop point etc.) What you enter here is what your customer will see and be able to select on your website at check out.

The next step called "Method calculation type" is very important , you can either base your shipping method on weight or on cart total. If you base your method on weight it’s very important that all your products for sale contain this information. If you base your shipping on the cart total the weight will not be necessary.

When you are finished click “Add Method”.   


Now you have created a method. 
Form here you can edit your shipping methods by clicking on the pencil (edit) based on the method you want to edit.  


Now you can add rules to the specific method. Click “Add new rule”. Rules are used to differentiate your shipping prices for the given method, either depending on the cart weight total or cart total. If you select based on weight all your products must have a weight added to them. 


NOTE! Rules only apply to the method being edited.

The rules can for example be used to set different prices based on the products weight or price. 
Under the specific method you can add a rule e.g. from 0 to 250 has a price of 40 kr. and the add another rule form 251 to 500 with another price. The rules start (from) and end (to) points must not overlap. 

This is just one rule, you can always make more rules, and different rules to your different methods. 


You can always add a new rule clicking on “Add new rule”. Your other rules will show at the bottom of the page next to the  “Add new rule”-button. 

If your rule like the e.g. ends at 499 the next rule will start from 500 dkk.


How to add free shipping? 

Free shipping is created automatically.  

Your shipping will automatically be free, when you for example add methods without rules. You can for example add a method called "Pick up at location" by not adding rules, this shipping method will automatically be free. 

If you have a method with rules, your costumers will still be able to get free shipping, when a costumer exceeds the price or weight of your added rules, they will get free shipping. 

Your costumes will automatically get free shipping by clicking on shipping methods with no rules or exceed the rules you have made for the shipping methods. 

What does the shipping rules look like on my webshop?

  If you want to see how the shipping rules look on your website click on “Go to shop”.   


Pick one of your products and put them in your cart.

Then go to the cart and press “go to checkout”.  

Now your added shipping methods will show in the bottom of the page. 

If your costumers have exceeded the price or weight and obtained free shipping the shipping will be shown as 0 dkk. 



How to delete a shipping method?

Click on the red trash can and accept the deletion of the shipping method. The deleted shipping will no longer show under shipping. 


Last updated: 3 years ago