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Introduction to costumers

Costumers are the ones visiting and buying the product on your webshop.

Your costumers have the opportunity to create a profile on your webshop, either before they complete a purchase or durring check out. 

The costumers profile will provide you with several information about them. Your costumers can also see and overview their purchases and the status of each i.e. packing, completed. 

NOTE: Costumers don't need to have a profile to visit or buy your products.

Overview of your customers.


The overview of your customers will both show the registered customers and the non registered customers and their personal information. 

The registered customers have a profile you can view by clicking on the button (eye). By clicking the view button you can see information about the specific customer. Here you can see their contact information and order information. Under your customer’s profile you can also see how many points they have saved if you are using the Meeshop Points Club integration.    



Your customers will always be able to change their personal information on their profile. 

Last updated: 3 years ago