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How to set up free shipping?

If you want to set up free shipping, you need to make a shipping method with rules.

If you need help creating shipping methods follow this shipping guide.   

The rules you're making only apply to the method being edited. 

If you want your costumers to have free delivery regardless the shipping method, you need to make the same rules for every shipping method you offer.

Create free shipping

Here is an example of how to set up free shipping by adding multiple rules to a method. 

For this guide we will show you have to set up free shipping for a purchase with a cart total above 500 kr. You can choose any amount you wish when setting up your own free shipping. 

Start by choosing which of your shipping methods you want to edit. Press the edit button (pencil) based on your choice. 

Click “Add new rule”. Now add a rule from 0 dkk to 499,99 dkk and add your prefered price for this shipping method. 


Now add another rule by clicking on “Add new rule”. Your other rules will show at the bottom of the page next to the  “Add new rule”-button. 

The next rule will start from 500 dkk, where the last ended. 


Now insert 500 in From cart total and a random high number in To cart total e.g. 1000000. Leave the price at 0,00. Now your customers will get free shipping when their cart total is 500 DKK or above. Note they still have to choose a shipping method at check out.

You can add as many rules as you like. Be aware that the new rule needs to begin from where the last ended. 

As mentioned this rule only applies to the method being edited. If you have more than one shipping method add the same rule to those as well. In this way your costumers will get free shipping regardless their chosen shipping method.  

You can test your new free shipping rule by going to your shop and add products for a total value that is above your free shipping limit. Go to check out and choose the shipping method you have added the free shipping to.

If you want your costumers to have free shipping not matter weight or total price, just add one rule to your method. Insert a price from 0 DKK to a large number e.g. 1000000 (the same with weight) and let the price remain 0,00 DKK. 

Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions regarding setting up free shipping.


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