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How to implement QuickPay

It is necessary to have a payment service provider (psp) associated with your account. If you do not have a psp associated with your account, you can’t receive payments for your products. Choose between the various providers we support.

Once you have selected a psp you can’t manually change it. If you need to change your psp please contact our support at [email protected]

What is QuickPay?

QuickPay is a simple payment service that enables your webshop to accept and manage a wide range of payment methods incl. MobilePay. QuickPay needs to be connected to an acquirer e.g. Nets, Clearhaus or similar. Read more about QuickPay at


How to implement QuickPay?

If you do not already have a Quickpay account, start by creating an account at

When you are finished setting up your QuickPay account you can connect it to your Meeshop webshop. To connect QuickPay to Meeshop you need two API Keys, your Merchant API user - API key and a Merchant Private key.  



Click on the shop you have made. Now to find your API Keys click on “Settings” and then “Integration”.



Find the keys, “PRIVATE KEY” and “API KEY”, these are the ones you need to connect your QuickPay to Meeshop.

Click on PRIVATE KEY and a code will appear. 

Copy this code and now do the exact same with the API KEY.


When you have copied the two API Keys you can log into your Meeshop account and go to your shop administration, click on “Shop” and then “Payments”. Insert the two keys. Pay attention to which key fits where, to make sure you enter the right key in the right field.


Now click “Save QuickPay data”.  

Payment logos will be shown on your website, three of them will automatically be chosen. If you have payment agreements with others, just click them of as well. The logos don't change which payment methodes you allow on your website, the logos are only there to be shown on you're website. 

Congratulations! QuickPay is now connected to your webshop and you are ready to receive payments. 

If you encounter problems connecting this integration to your meeshop account contact us at [email protected]


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