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How do I add different credit cards?

Different payment methods are included with your chosen payment solution. 

If you don't have a payment solution, start by creating one. If you need help follow this guide.

Go to your payment solutions website to view information regarding  which payment methods are included, and which are not. 

You can trough your payment provider account see which kinds of payment they include and which you can get. 

If you encounter any problems or if you need help, we recommend you to contact your payment provider. 


Payment logos in your footer.

The payment logos in your footer show your costumers what kind of payment methods you accept on your webshop. Select which logos you want to display by clicking the checkmark next to the logo.

NOTE: The logos are only visual material. Clicking on the logos dosen't not mean you support the payment method. It's important only to click on the logos that are equivalent to the payment methods your webshop supports. 
If you wan't to change the payment logos in your footer, you can do it by going to your payment by clicking on "Shop" and then "Payments". Or follow this guide.


Last updated: 2 years ago